• Our mission

    We provide free wheelchairs, mobility equipment, and therapy services to families in need in Mexico. We believe in cross-cultural collaboration and sharing therapeutic knowledge to support the most sustainable, mobile, communities for people with disabilities in need.

    Sustainable Impact

    Working Across Borders

    We don't just give a person a wheelchair, we give the whole family the education to safely use it and a facility to maintain it for years to come.

    Educational Opportunities

    Therapy Services Abroad

    We collaborate with Universities to provide International Fieldwork Internships for Occupational Therapy Students, and other students abroad. Check out a student video from our recent collaboration with California State University - Dominguez Hills.

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    Collaborative Partnerships

    Therapy Services

    We are proud to collaborate with Padres y Compadres, and other community service organizations in Mexico to engage in cross-cultural training and community outreach programs. We provide continuing education opportunities for therapists and students. We engage in tele-therapy to engage both Mexican and US therapists in treatment planning and research based client care. We lead seminars on safe client transfers, caregiver body mechanics, and the importance of play in development.

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    Equipment Distribution

    Community Outreach and Education

    Many families in Mexico have difficulty gaining access to mobility equipment like wheelchairs, crutches, canes, shower seats and more. We collect donated equipment in the USA, ship it to our refurbishing center in Mazatlan, and adjust the equipment for people in need; free of charge. We provide custom seating options, as best we can with donated parts. We educate families and the community of the importance of proper seating, positioning, skin care, and how to safely navigate it in the community.


    Over the past 12 years, we have donated equipment to over 5,200 families in need with the help of donors and a small volunteer staff.


    If you are in WA state, please contact us to donate equipment!

  • Attend a trip!

    Hands On Learning

    Therapy Students - International Fieldwork Placements

    • Put your didactic course work to use!
    • Introduction to a variety of kids and adults with disabilities
    • Hone your observation, assessment, and treatment planning skills
    • Create treatment plans and Home Exercise Programs for caregivers
    • Preform Wheelchair Modification and Distribution
    • Go on Home Visits
    • Try Adaptive Driving
    • Learn Sensory Integration and Motor Therapy Approaches
    • Observe Aquatic and Equino therapies
    • Provide community education & cross-cultural colloboration

    Foreign Language Students - Immersion Learning

    • Practice translation skills in the field
    • Become an integral part of the team
    • Engage in life changing work 
    • Immerse yourself in the culture
    • Build your resume
  • Meet Our Team

    Our experienced multi-national team combines knowledge with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works to support international experiences for therapy students and volunteers. We collect and distribute wheelchairs and other equipment. We provide quality care for mobility recipients and their families. We provide hands-on cross-cultural educational experiences for volunteers and medical professionals alike.

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    Heidi Vladyka

    Occupational Therapist

    President & Director of International Service Learning

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    Bree Milani

    Occupational Therapist

    Founder & Director of International Service Learning

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    Sergio Valdez

    Director of Distributions

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    Frank Meriwether

    Director of Equipment Collections

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